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The 2nd Project Meeting & National Workshop took place in Ruse on 28th June 2017


IMG_20170628_114937The 2nd Project Meeting & National Workshop took place in Ruse on 28th June 2017 and brought together all 15 project partners from 7 countries. The main objective of ENERGY BARGE, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, is to foster sustainable usage of biomass production in the Danube Region and thereby increasing the share of environmentally friendly biomass-transport on the Danube.

External stakeholders were invited to share their experiences and knowledge about biomass production and logistics in the Danube region, with a special focus on Bulgaria. The country has a well-established energy sector. It is one of the main exporters of electricity in Southeast Europe and has the prospect to export even more. Although Bulgaria’s renewable energy already represents 18 percent of the country’s total installed capacity, there is still potential to exploit renewable resources, particularly biomass.

IMG_20170628_153434The discussion forum and key note presentations during the National Workshop opened interesting perspectives, as various participants from the Bulgarian biomass sector attended the event. A broad range of topics,covering several sectors of the biomass industry, were presented: from different biomass feedstocks like wood and algae to biomass logistics on the Danube Riveras well as presentationsabout solid biomass heating systems. A lively discussion evolved and the ENERGY BARGE project consortium is pleased to have explored the wide opportunities for biomass in Bulgaria with regional experts.

The next National Workshop will be held in Zagreb/Croatia in January 2018.

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